Haven’t put anything on this site in a while; too busy experimenting with my life to blog about it.  Just to follow up on old stuff because random people were asking:

All of my beer brewing batches belong on fail blog.  Nothing drinkable yet.  I actually only ended up doing 3 batches.  I partially blame it on the small scale, but mostly of my own carelessness.  However, I did do enough to get a chef buddy to look into hitting up CCHBS, and now I get to try his homebrews without doing any work myself, FTMFW.

I keep telling myself I’ll get back into this once things are settled (and I have some extra cash).  Plus I have the perfect place to put a kegerator.

Also, I wanted to note that Brooklyn Brew Shop finally put their instructions online, so you can find them here: http://brooklynbrewshop.com/instructions


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