Home Brewing, Day 9 – Culver City Home Brewing Supply Co

To get a little more info on home brewing, I attended a class at the Culver City Home Brewing Supply.  Not only did I pick up some good tips for the beer I’m already brewing, but I also found an informative and useful resource for my future home brewing endeavors.

Concerning the Brooklyn Brew Shop kit that I’m using, here are a few more important notes that I picked up at the class (I’m working off memory here, so I probably forgot a lot of good tips):

When cooling the wort down before pitching the yeast, keep the wort covered with either the pot lid or aluminum foil.  Although it will take longer to cool, a covered pot will prevent bacteria from getting to the wort.

Skim the foam from the wort.  The teacher at CCHB said that it’s pretty important, but it isn’t even mentioned on my BBS instructions.

Use cheap vodka in the fermentation lock – it’s tasteless and will kill bacteria as well as small fruit flies.

Place your carboy (glass jug) in a shallow pan or bucket of water so the beer is less susceptible to fluctuations in temperature.

As far as the class itself went, I thought it was pretty cool and extremely helpful if you’re looking to get into home brewing, or even if you would just like to learn about beer, its history, and how it’s made.  It’s only $5 for a beginner’s 3-hour class.  Wear comfortable shoes because you’ll be on your feet the whole time.  If the next few batches I brew work out, I’ll come back here to upgrade.


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