Why do YOU ride Metro?

So I missed a week of “living green,” and I figured I ought to do something big to make up for that (doing two regular things would be too simple).  My brother and I were discussing the issue of going green the other day, and he said, “If people really cared about saving the planet, they wouldn’t buy a Prius… they would stop driving.”  I replied, “People aren’t committed enough to saving the planet to give up their conveniences.”

For the next week, as long as time permits, I will be taking the bus to work.  This means waking up an hour and a half earlier than I usually do, which will be tough, but manageable as long as I can get to sleep on time.  Here’s the route Metro.net suggests:

Ride Metro Bus 20( DOWNTOWN LA – 7TH-MAIN) heading east
From: WILSHIRE/PARK VIEW(SW corner) Lv: 07:27AM
To: 7TH/OLIVE(SW corner) Ar: 07:37AM
Pay $1.25 + $0.30 for Transfer., Monthly Pass: $62.00, (EZ Pass accepted)
Ride Foothill Transit Silver Streak( MONTCLAIR TRANSIT CTR) heading north
From: OLIVE ST/7TH ST(SE corner) Lv: 07:47AM
Use Transfer or Media + $1.00, Monthly Pass: $80.00, (EZ Pass accepted)
Ride Metro Bus 176 (FIGUEROA-YORK) heading west
To: FLAIR DR/TELSTAR AV(NE corner) Ar: 08:37AM
Pay $1.25, Monthly Pass: $62.00, (EZ Pass accepted)

and the Metro.net calculated savings of

*Driving cost: is about $9.51 (based on AAA‘s formula at 56.2 cents/mile)

Which I know can’t be right, or I would have to gas up every week, but I will be saving a nice amount of pocket change.  Conservation for the planet AND my wallet.  Can’t really beat that.

Next Wednesday, I’ll stop by Home Depot to check out the showerhead that Fred recommended.


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