The War Has Just Begun (The Diet, Month 1)

Before this little experiment began, I was heavy on the greasy fast foods, and low on the fruits and veg.  I took my cholesterol medication sparsely and showed little concern for my own well-being.  One month in, as according to the plan, I’ve had no fried foods, no red meat, and no fast food, while eating a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables.  I still forget to take my medication about once a week, which I’m working on, but the regularity of my medication has improved significantly.  And the results?  I’ve got my cholesterol level down to 161, HDLs at 66, LDLs at 80, and most importantly, my coronary risk ratio is at 2.43, putting me at low risk.

Health Update
I have lost about 8 pounds due to the diet, putting me at a healthy 154.  I’m fine at this weight, but I am a bit worried that I might continue to lose weight.  Honestly, cutting out unhealthy foods hasn’t changed my energy on the basketball court.  Or I haven’t felt any different out there.

The thing about being at 161, is that I’ve been on a pretty strict diet.  Hopefully, with the addition of regular exercise, it can drop even further and I can take myself off the meds.  If my cholesterol levels can continue to drop, I know that after the three months are up, I can partake in the occasional pastrami sandwich, or prime rib, or french fries, or krispy kreme, or…

Pleeeeeeeeease continue to drop.

The earth will just have to wait a day or two.  I usually do my green updates on Wednesdays, but I was swamped at work, trying to get everything taken care of before the holiday, so I will be doing the green update on the weekend when I have some free time.  On a side note, I have been washing my hair before I’ve been getting in the shower, and the only problem so far is that when I’m standing in the bathroom with no shirt on in the morning, it can get a bit chilly.  Solution?  Just hang your towel over your shoulders and that should keep you from freezing your nips off for that minute.


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