Living Green (Intro)

For the last few months, I’ve been learning about and dabbling in living green.  I could go on and on about what humans, particularly Americans, are doing to this planet, but I think you’d be better served picking up a copy of An Inconvenient Truth.  Whether I agree with or believe all of what is said about what is happening to this planet is irrelevant; the fact is, it isn’t hard to reduce your waste, and many of the things involved in protecting the environment also make life a bit simpler.  Plus you might just save a few bucks here and there.

The Plan
Each week, I will tackle a new project that will benefit the environment.  Projects can range from tiny tasks like buying canvas bags for shopping to large undertakings like replacing a leaking pipe in the sprinkler system, and everything in between.

Throughout the week, I’ll report on what I’m up to, challenges I’m facing, and any other experiences involved, and I’ll also provide you with enough information to get things moving yourself.

Goals and Motivations
I’ve been meaning to “go green” for a while, and the weekly task should get me on track.  Hopefully, I can inspire other people out there to get out there and tackle similar projects of their own to take their part in cleaning up this world for our children.

Going Paperless
To kick things off, I took some time out during the work day to collect all my bills, statements, catalogs, and other junk mail.  From energy bills to retirement fund reports, I changed my accounts to only receive online statements and cancelled all paper statements.  For catalogs, I either visited their websites or had to call their 800 numbers to let them know that I no longer wished to receive their catalogs in the mail.  I had the companies that I still order from either send me online catalogs or nothing at all.

This entire process ate up 15 minutes of my day.  A bill, a few sheets of paper, isn’t that big of a deal to me, but you add that to each different bill you’re getting, and each different credit card or bank statement, and every different catalog you may have once ordered from, and multiply that by twelve times a year, and you just might end up with a significant pile of wasted dead tree.

For tips on going green, check out TreeHugger, or any of the other sites out there you can find by simply typing “Go Green” in your Google search bar.


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