The Diet (Intro)

Among other things, I am going to start using this blog to track my eating habits and slowly hop on a course towards a healthier lifestyle.  Although dieting is typically associated with weight loss, the goal of my diet is to lower my cholesterol, which has been high my entire life.  I’ll update from time to time about what I’m eating and what’s going on in my beef-starved head.

The Plan
For the next 3 months, starting on October 20th and ending on January 20th, I will be living with the following rules concerning my diet…

1) No Red Meat – Technically, red meat includes beef, mutton, horse, duck, and goose
2) Nothing Else High in Cholesterol – Including but not limited to eggs, butter, lobster
3) Nothing Deep Fried
4) No Fast Food – Subway is okay.  That’s about it
5) More Fruits and Veggies – 1 cup of fruits and 1 cup of vegetables per day

I’m giving myself 2 days of exemption from the rules in preparation of the looming holidays – one day for Thanksgiving (deep-fried turkey) and one day for Christmas (roast).

Plan Length
You might be wondering why I’m only doing this for 3 months and not shifting my entire lifestyle.  Well for one, just taking on an instant lifestyle change is hard.  I can’t come to terms with never eating red meat for the rest of my life.  And more importantly, I don’t believe it’s necessary to entirely cut red meat out of the diet, nor is it necessary to live by such a stringent set of rules.  As long as everything is done to its own degree of moderation, you can still live a healthy life.

But for now, 3 months seems like a good test of wills and an accurate glimpse into what life without red meat might be.

Saying Goodbye
For the next 3 months, if you ever find me fetal in the corner of a room with a bad case of the shakes, it will probably be due from withdrawal of one of the following things: El Taco Nazo fish tacos, milanesa sandwiches from Tito’s Market, #19 at Langer’s Deli, beef dips from Philippe’s, prime rib, In-n-Out burgers and fries, and Popeye’s fried chicken.

Goals and Motivations
The main goal of this experiment is to prevent having a heart attack at 30.  Most people that know me know that I have a family history of high cholesterol; coupled with poor eating habits, my cholesterol is at dangerously high levels.

But on a lighter note, I also hope this whole journey will provide some insight into myself.


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